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Aus der GMA Datenbank
activator QSOs 586843
with stations in 197 countries
activated summits in 41 countries
chaser QSOs 335875
with stations in 121 countries
total activations 28524
activated summits 8477
activations in May 2017 543
in Apr 2017 500
in Mar 2017 484
Top 3 most activated summits
1.DA/AV-346 Eschlberg615
2.DA/BM-199 Auf der Schanz159
3.DA/NI-256 Kalenberg151
Top 3 most chased summits
1.HB/ZH-015 Altberg1608
2.DM/SX-003 Kahleberg852
3.DA/AV-346 Eschlberg848
We also activated
WWFF Areas552
Islands (IOTA)27
Castles (COTA)140
and we chased
WWFF Areas7514
Islands (IOTA)762
Castles (COTA)5450

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Hints for Activators Hints and tips for a successfully activation.

For beginners and advanced
GMA Triathlon 2016

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planning tool and actual spots for GMA & SOTA on Google Maps

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GMA - Global Mountain Award

Mountain radio without if's and buts. Any summit 100m and more above sea level can be activated. GMA references assign special references that can easy distinguish from other references. All references of all mountains activity programs (i.e. SOTA, HuMPs Award) are valid for the scheme. There will be points awarded per qualifying summit on the GMA account. On this website the QSOs can be uploaded and compared with results from other HAM-radio operators.

GMC - Global Mountain Challenge

The activities of the GMA can be incorporated into the GMC. The points system is designed differently. Good tactics and taking advantage of bonus points makes the GMC a radio play-ground. At the end of the year the winner will be announced.

GMAC - Global Mountain Activity Contest (VHF)

Every first Tuesday of each month from 19.00 local time and every third Sunday of each month from 08.00 UTC things are really moving in the 2 Metre band. Whether in voice or CW counts for the kilometres achieved and for the locator squares worked. Rules 2017 and more information can be found here.


In the GMA-Triathlon you can score points in different outdoor activities like operating from islands, lighthouses, Flora&Fauna areas (WWFF), summits and castles.

S2S Weekend Activity

S2S = Summit to Summit. Each quarter of the year activity days will take place. This means: Double points per activation and double points for each QSO for chasers.

DOWNLOAD the complete rules as PDF

GMA Awards and Certificates

A wide variety of attractive awards could be worked. Both as activators as well from the home radio station. The awards are all free and can be downloaded directly as a PDF file and then printed or saved.

Here is an overview of the awards.

DL0GMA with special DOK GMA

DL0GMA is the clubcall of IG GMA and member of DARC DOK X17, Gotha, in Thuringia. The Call is used for outdoor activities. If you are operating from Germany and would like to use this callsign, then contact please the responsible.

Requests to: dl0gma (ät)

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GMA Forum
Test - Neuer Server
29.05.2017, 20:25
von do2udx
in Allgemeine Diskussion
Raus auf UKW: S2S-Party 27.05.17
26.05.2017, 23:11
von dg7acf
in UKW-Aktivitäten
26.05.2017, 16:24
von OE5AKM
in Aktivierungsberichte / Activity Reports
22.05.2017, 23:31
von dg7acf
in UKW-Aktivitäten
4 m?
16.05.2017, 11:47
von dg7acf
in UKW-Aktivitäten

Next S2S Weekend 05.08.2017 in 67 days
06.08.2017 in 68 days
07.10.2017 in 130 days
08.10.2017 in 131 days

Chaser-Bingo May 2017 Most wanted regions:
DL/MF : 3%
DL/WS : 3%
HB0 : 5%
OK/PL : 3%
OL/JM : 5%
TF : 8%
Bingo : 3
Double-Bingo : 0
Triple-Bingo : 1
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GMA - Global Mountain Activity

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